The story of DNA unfolds on iTunes U

Evolution — one of a variety of programs on iTunes U created as part of the Cassiopeia Project — tells the fascinating story of DNA and the role it has played in the 3.5-billion-year evolution of life on earth. Other Cassiopeia Projects explore Quantum Mechanics, the Big Bang Theory, Relativity and other topics in an effort to make “high-definition science education videos available to anyone who wants them.”

Coming Attractions: Choose Connor

Choose Connor, the taut political drama that stars Steven Weber, Alex Linz, and Escher Holloway, gained notice and generated buzz at numerous film festivals earlier this year. It has also been favorably compared to such films as the critcally acclaimed 2007 film Michael Clayton. Heady stuff for 21-year old writer and director Luke Eberl. The film opens October 10.

New iPod nano “smarter, slimmer and sexier”

Calling iPod nano (4th generation) “the sleekest and prettiest of the bunch,” Nancy Wang ( extols its “aesthetically-pleasing exterior,” its built-in accelerometer, and the fun shake-to-shuffle feature. But she believes “the best thing about the newest iPod nano is that it allows listeners to enable the Genius feature” and generate new playlists with other similar songs on the fly.

App Store Pick of the Week: Grocery IQ

Thanks to Grocery iQ ($4.99), you may never have to write another shopping list. Now you can tap to quickly build a comprehensive and highly legible list on iPhone or iPod touch, arrange your list by aisle to match the layout of your grocery store, check off items as you add them to your cart, build a purchase history and a list of favorites. Grocery IQ even lets you email your list to a designated shopper.

Shaking things up on iPhone and iPod

Thanks to the built-in accelerometer, you can Shake to Shuffle your music on the new iPod nano (4th generation) or shake iPhone or iPod touch to have Urbanspoon recommend a nearby restaurant. “Game designers” and other app developers “have been having a field day making use of the accelerometer,” notes Jefferson Graham ( And the fun has just begun.

Quick Tip of the Week: Organize your Workspaces

Using Spaces — one of the great features in Mac OS X Leopard — you can stay organized and avoid desktop clutter by putting applications in their own Spaces: Pages and Numbers in one; iTunes in another; Mail, iChat, and Safari in a third Space. But what if you want to use Mail and iChat regardless of the Space your working in? Find out how by watching the latest Quick Tip of the Week.