Maid .. can’t live with them nor can we live without them.

My indonesian maid entered into our family about five months ago. Her performance is very dismall.. a typical senario. The reason we took the maid was so that we can start to have children again. But after much consideration we found that she is not efficeient enough to handle children. We reached this conclusion from her interaction with two of our children. If we terminate her, we will be very tired doing housework during the weekend. So what do you think.. what should we do?


Went to our weekly Shah Alam farmers market (Pasar Tani). For the fast few years that I have been going there, I have found quite a lot of people have set up temporary ‘stalls’ asking for donations. This one seemed to attract my attention the most. He and his fellow colleagues haven been asking quite a sum to set up a religous school somewhere in the north of Malaysia. Are they true or just opportunist?

Turtle conservation in Cherating, Pahang is going strong. Unfortunately it cost money. If you happen to stop by at the the conservation centre why don’t you stop by, see what they are doing and donate some money. Take note that they release the turtles at 10:30pm so make sure you stop by during that time.

Wife family day

just got back from my Wife’s family day. It was really fun. Since it was done in Cherating, Pahang (Malaysia) it was a very long journey. The funny thing was we had a good streak and won quite a lot of prizes. Looking forward for next year’s family day. I hope it is somewhere near KL.