Titles for “Kemajuan terbaru Sains Forensik”

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Below are the list of titles based on group for the final year Forensic Science course paper title “Kemajuan terbaru Sains Forensik”:

Group 1 (Cik Mai):

Virtual autopsy has been practised in Switzerland and a few more countries long before it was introduced in Malaysia. This bloodless and minimally invasive procedure to examine bodies gives a great relief to whom against traditional autopsy. But how much benefit it can offer in order to replace traditional autopsy? Discuss this new technology in regards of the usage, procedure, cost-effectiveness and drawbacks.

Group 2 (PM Dr. KO):

Discuss various current techniques (journal publication 2005 and above) to identify age of a victim when the investigator is given an incomplete skeleton. What are the pro and cons of using each techniques and when are they suitable to be utilized.

Group 3 (En. Amidon Adnan):

The study of knot in strengths, weakness and limitation so as to identify areas between suicide or homicide.

Group 4 (Dr. Halim Mansar):

The current advancement (year 2005 and above) of DNA in Forensic Pathology.

Group 5 (En. Phua):

The wide availability of the latest instrumental techniques in laboratory allows as much information to be obtained from any trace evidence encountered by forensic scientists in crime investigation.

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