Pathology assignment: Session 2009/10



This is the report on the assignment that you have submitted. I have added some notes on areas that seemed to be lacking. Please use these notes for you exam. Unfortunately I have not received any assignment from group 3 and 5. If you have sent please send it again. Very likely it must have gone into junk. Sms when you have sent it.

Good luck on your exam!


  1. GROUP 1- syndrome down
  2. Group 4 Dominant inheritance and Poligenic Diseases
  3. Group 6
  4. Group 4 Diabetes Mellitus type 1
  5. Group 2 SLE
  6. Group 2 Inherited Disease

Here are some late submissions. Some arrive but was passed to my junk folder while another group just did not arrive… wrong email address.

  1. group 1-aids
  3. Atherosclerosis and Neoplasia
  4. Hashimoto’s Disease

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