Endnote: Gaya UKM.


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Since I am not at the office until Friday to attend to your problem and you will need to submit your thesis tomorrow, I will lax the rules for the submission of thesis (for viva).

You will need to submit the thesis for viva in Gaya UKM. For in text references and full references USE Author-Date style. I will attend to the Gaya UKM style when I come to work on Monday.

Why you need to use Endnote?

I assume, all of you are wondering why I am pushing for EndNote for your thesis. Here is why:

  1. There is quite a lot of marks allocated for Rujukan in your thesis (I don’t have the file with me but it is about 5 – 10%). For each mistake you make in your in text reference or/and full reference a total of one mark will be deducted. This deduction will continue until the marks for Rujukan tesis reaches zero (0%). Now if you use EndNote, full marks will be given. No deduction will be made because it is assume that the references in text and full text telly and in a correct format. If there is a mistake then it is due to the software and NOT due to the students error… hence no deduction in marks. Based on my experience in Biomedic, deduction in this section will occur and most times final marks for this section is usually 0 – 2%.
  2. By using EndNote it will reduce the burden on your supervisor and examiner as they will not need to check on references in thesis and full references.
  3. Using EndNote will also allow  your supervisor and examiner to go through your manuscript quickly. This way fair comments can be given to your writing.

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